Persistence to the design on its representative items and Functionality

Tradition and Innovation/ Similarity between luxury brands and PACK-1

PACK-1,our iconic item, not affected by trends but has beautiful shape

Iconic bag, the PACK-1 made with a full use of various patterns of sewing techniques is well known for its “technical strength” and “craftman ship.”

Speaking of its outstanding shape, even the desighner himself dosen”t remember how many times he drew desighn to achieve this ulitimate shihouette.You would rarely find such a completely organized bag as The PACK-1 in the fashion market. You can see it from its beautiful rounded form with certain volume taking a good balance to allow it as daily use. Every finest details of the bag makes the PACK-1 distinctive. For instance, you can feel his loyalty to design even through a part of zipfastner.
Latest style so called “Luxuary Street” dominates the fashion market.
Normally it tends to use a thick and precious zip fastener on a luxual leather product in order to give a rich impression. But it is not applied on PACK-1 on purpose. In stead of metal zippers, wide and thick coil zippers have been chosen for the PACK-1 to inspire the slight hint of casual mood.

The keywords of ‘STREET’ and “CASUAL” have rised and become essential concept in the fashion market where people were tired of “Mode” style.
Since the main product of KATSUYUKIKODAMA are bags for daily use, he has pride and respect to those keywords.

Outstanding functionality and supurb sizing

His pride of products is not only on designs but also on functionality.
Currently the number of bike commuters has been increasing. Speaking about several European countries, they have specific cycle lanes.
Such a growing trend is becoming one of life styles now.
As already mentioned above, KATSUYUKIKODAMA always keeps in mind to create a bag to be used in every situation of daily life. That is to say, he always desighns all the detail of the bags not only for the limited purpose as working bags or students’ bags but for all the private scenes.
The PACK-1 has a large capacity of easily carrying 13 inches laptop. Actually even 15 inches would be fitable. Of course you can also carry A4 size documents in the PACK 1 which means you may use it as a working bag.
Considering of a business scene, too much casual-easy bag would not be appropriate.
However, the PACK-1 lead both casual and mode feel with a certain balance.
Thus, it can be used not only at private scenes but also official scenes.From the dignified appearance, you can not even imagine how comfortable to carry the PACK-1.As already explained it earlier, even it has such a large capacity, the bag itself is so light that you may dought packing nothing inside.
It fits to your body, and the weight never bothers you how many hours you carry it.
I would say “you will feel your bag as a part of your body,” by using exaggerated language. That is why repeat customers are kept gained.

Not interested in using brand material /creation brings real defferentation

Leather is the most important material to create mode style.
Almost all KATUYUKI KODAMA’s products use leather.
There are some famous leather-producing area in Japan providing the luxury brands with its material.

However on the contrary, KATSUYUKI KODAMA is not interested in the famous leather supplier.

Past few years, he had used leather produced by famous suppliers in Himeji in Japan, Italy and Bangladesh.The more he learned about the material of the leather, the less he finds the meaning to use the one produced by the famous suppliers.He asked himself ‘There are a lot of suppliers offer high quality leather even they are not so well-known. Why a lot of brands tend to use the leather with famous brand names? Would end coustmers realize the origin of the material by touching or seeing it?’
Considering of end coustermers’ needs, he reached to the conclusion that it is meaningless to use the leather provided by the famous suppliers just for their name values. He finally decided to produce own material suitable for his creation.

Then a combination of a high end leather and a calf leather becomes best hit item of the brand.
If you are a fan of KATSUYUKIKODAMA, the combination of the high end leather and the calf leather would ring a bell instantly.
Speaking of lether material, there are various of kinds such as python reticulatus, ostrich, crocodile and so on.
KATSUYUKIKODAMA has realized the combination of those high end leather and calf leather on the PACK-1.

Are you surprised?

So far we are familiar with a combination of the leather and other materials in the fashion market.
But it is rare to see the high end leather and the calf leather used in one item.
He is fully talented to create such an innovative work. This came to fruition thanks to their own production factory of material and merchandise.
“Tradition” and “Innovation” are always important key words for branding business in all ages.
Iconic bag “PACK-1” itself is applicable to “Tradition” and the combination of the high end leather and the calf leather would be “Innnovation.”

This new bag brand has already known the true meaning of ‘Traditon’ and ‘Innovation’ and taken an advantage of them proving it as a precious brand in the fashion market.








KATSUYUKI KODAMAはほぼ全てのアイテムにレザーを使用している。
しかしKATSUYUKI KODAMAは逆にそこにはこだわりが無い。
この「ハイエンドレザーと牛革のコンビ」と聞けばKATSUYUKI KODAMAのファンならすぐにピンとくるだろう。